My Experience With
Affordable Address Labels


Affordable Address Labels is a pretty good webstore. It's simple and effecient, which I like alot. They have a good design that keeps business right to the point. Unlike the top companies, Affordable Address Labels sells only a few styles of roll address labels. They do sell "Full Color Designer Labels" which comes in sheets. These type of labels are always more expensive then their roll label counterparts, and never come in huge quantities. Along with address labels, Affordable Address Labels also sell rubber stamps and self inking stamps - as well as other stamp products.

"Is their website easy to order from?"

affordable address labels screenshot

Yes, I had no trouble ordering from them. There was one weird thing about their site though. When you click on address labels, for roll labels, you have five choices to choose from. Gold, Silver, White, Clear, or Tropical (see screenshot at right). When you choose which kind you want, you go to the screen where you input your information.

affordable address labels

You choose the Justification
and Font at the same time

But when you get to this page, you have to select which style you want, all over again. Its not a big deal, but it is still something else to worry about. What is sort of a big deal is that it is unclear you can have either Block or Script (italic).

For one thing, it would be good to have more than two choices, but even so, there should be a font selection tab. If it were me, I would replace the style tab with a font selection tab, and add more fonts.But those arn't big deals at all, and everything else is easy to use. Ordering from Affordable Address Labels is no-problem