Address Labels Or Rubber Stamps
Which Is Better?


Address labels or rubber stamps, Which is better? Address labels are quick, clean and easy – just peel off, and stick on the envelope. But there are times when you might wonder, which is really better in the long run? The kind of stamps I use are self-inking rubber stamps – the kind where you press down on the top, and the inked rubber gives an impression on the paper. This type is superior to the original stamps, where you have to use a separate ink pad, and re-ink manually for each impression. Between the two versions, self-inking or original, the self-inking stamps are far better, and so I will be comparing this kind to address labels.

Self Inking Stamp


Since my dad sells both address labels and self-inking stamps with his company, KeepsakeMagic, I've had some experience noticing the differences between the two. There are a lot of different prices for different kinds of stamps, and there are a lot of different prices for different kinds of address labels. To make a judgement between the two, I will use the pricing we have at keepsakemagic. $4.95 for 500 labels + $1.95 shipping So that would be $6.90 for 500 impressions/labels.

And now for stamps. Again, I use the pricing I'm most familier with, which is $9.90 including shipping (note: prices will vary between each company you buy from). When I asked our customer service rep about the stamps, she told me that each stamp pad has enough ink for about 1000 impressions. That many impressions is double the amount for address labels, at only Three Dollars More. But that's not the only good thing about going with the stamp. After those thousand impressions are up, and you're running low on ink, you can buy a replacement ink pad for a couple bucks ($1.95 to be exact, a little more if it ships by itself). The only way to get more impressions/labels with return address labels is to buy another set, which is going to cost you the same amount you paid previously. The good thing with stamps is that you can replace the used up ink pad at any time with low cost.

Choose the right tool

Since there are many different tools for many different projects, selecting the right tool is necessary. There are more differences between address labels and self-inking stamps than just the price. If you pay more, you can get fancy labels to stick on wedding invitations or black-tie dining. You can also buy some cheap labels to stick on your income tax forms or your utilities bill. Return address labels are generally prettier and more colorful if you buy the high quality versions (which can be expensive) with monograms and pictures in the background. Stamps, too, come in different styles, but one thing stays the same, the stamp itself. The rubber will change depending on what you select, like the font and color for instance. They give a clean printed look which looks professional. Most businesses use self-inking stamps for this reason.